Perfection Is Not An Option!

Sometimes I need reminders. In my english class we do these response papers on the books we read, and its scored 1-10, the whole semester I’ve got a ten on every one until now. I got a nine, I know, I know, that’s still pretty fucking good and its still an A and because of the percentage of the grade that the response papers take up the lowest three don’t even go towards the grade. So it won’t even count cause there are only two left, but I can’t seem to get over that once I had started getting all tens I made a goal to only get tens and the fact that its so close to the end and I failed at that goal, is not settling well with me. I spent a lot if time as a kid wanting to be perfect and be the best because I was surrounded by a number of people close to me who I was always second best to, and I was never the kid that was actually exceptional at something only ever average, so when this chance came up I clung to it too closely. I like to think that I know perfection is not something to strive for because it does not exist, however getting a 10/10 does, but I suppose every now and then you need a good slap in the face to remind you that perfection is not an option.